Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Chaos (I used spell checker) I live in delightful chaos (no need to dust)  we live in a motor home during the week while we renovate our units.. as you can see from the photo lots of room to quilt!!! I preworn the men in my life Fred (my true north) Brett my brother in law that I am about to if they need the bathroom now is a good time to go!!!! (their record for holding their bladders was 4 hours....but the quilt look great).
Stitching in the ditch ( I sound like an expert) this was my first go at free motioning...(not a good look)  a little boy that was effected by the floods chose this quilt for his bed. O' to see life through the eyes of a child!!!!!
BUT look what I found in the op shop for $25 an old hospital table !!! as you can see it also doubles as a computer table... I am feeling very posh!!!!. But look around the Kayos is still there... today I am making shower curtains and sewing   "Neoprene"(soft rubber) on the bottom to act as a weight ,dam and to prevent the mould. Wish I could tell you I was sewing an award winning quilt for the Queen!!!!! but that's next week.
I am looking for white "Neoprene" 50ml wide 1.5 ml thick can only purchase black here in OZ any suggestion??? Cheers Helen


  1. you do so well in a small space.... neoprene... hint is use glass doors!!! that's helpful isn't it?

  2. WOW!! We lived in a caravan for 9 months while a new home was built.No sewing at all then. But our 2 daughters aged about 9 & 11 were with us too. And we both worked full time in Rotorua. Black?? What about making a tube of white parka nylon or similar, to cover it with, and a largish hem, so the tube can be slid out if the whole curtain needs to be washed. Is this any help??? In the caravan at that time no shower room, we had a long drop (outside outhouse), a huge tin bath, ran the hose till it was full of water and left it in the sun to heat up.Not even solar showers on the market then. More photos please of the men, .love reading about your time in a small home. Cheers from Jean.

  3. Hi Helen welcome to blogland. I am sure you are going to have a wonderful time and meet many fantastic bloggers. Love your committment to quilt no matter what!!!
    Michelle x


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