Friday, 27 January 2012

Baby has arrived...Quilt not started!!!!


I had fun at the baby shower.. but guess what???? the baby arrived 3 weeks early..little Zoe. I need to sew madly this weekend (before I return to the motorhome and chaos on Monday) and finish or a least start Zoe's floor quilt. I wont it to be special so finger crossed (toes to). Cheers Helen

Friday, 20 January 2012

Nappy Cake - No need to bake!!!!!!!!!!!

I am off to a baby shower tomorrow...I was MC (Mistress of ceremony) at their wedding over a year ago and now there is only a month to go until their baby is born ... and yes it's a girl...having too many men in my life (I do enjoy the opposite sex BUT ) I am looking forward to every thing pink.

I made this nappy cake to take to the shower.....It took more nappies than I expected in fact a 160!! (went back to the shop twice) you need to roll up each nappy then put them into bunches of 6 with an elastic bands. Check out the youtube link to find out how to!!!
                                     I didn't use a wooden spoon as in the youtube how to
                                 for fixing the 3 tears together I used a large paper towel roll.
I purchased this box of toys from my niece as her princess no longer needed them and they were in           new condition and at a mate rates price.
I appliqued Missy Herring (Their nick name for their baby) onto pink ribbon
It's a bit big but they do say size is everything!!!!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Xaviers quilt and pillow for his secound birthday this post should come before the Christmas one(Did I tell you that I am new at this!!!!)

My first quilt on my own (apart from a few friends helping).... Fred ("my true north ") cut out the squares.....I just sewed... I purchased the material from The Quilters Angels Highfields without Marion's and Steff's help I would have given Xavier a handkerchief(well probable something from K Mart) I stitched in the ditch and fee motioned around the cars and road signs. It took far too long to make as I had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands during the making. Fiona offered to finish it off for me((she good value), but with a bottle of red wine in hand and a change in my attitude and a few pain killers it's finished. I have to admit I do love it. Thanks to every one who help me.