Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Xaviers quilt and pillow for his secound birthday this post should come before the Christmas one(Did I tell you that I am new at this!!!!)

My first quilt on my own (apart from a few friends helping).... Fred ("my true north ") cut out the squares.....I just sewed... I purchased the material from The Quilters Angels Highfields without Marion's and Steff's help I would have given Xavier a handkerchief(well probable something from K Mart) I stitched in the ditch and fee motioned around the cars and road signs. It took far too long to make as I had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands during the making. Fiona offered to finish it off for me((she good value), but with a bottle of red wine in hand and a change in my attitude and a few pain killers it's finished. I have to admit I do love it. Thanks to every one who help me.


  1. It's wonderful Helen... I'm so glad to have seen it in 'real life'.....

  2. Stunning, and so well worth all the hard work!!! He will love it. Carpal tunnel on both hands makes everything so difficujlt, Hugh had them both done at the same time, it was a night mare!!!What is your next project now this is done? Cheers from Jean in NZ

  3. Hey Helen! Xavier's quilt looks fabulous - well done! Just think ... a year ago you were thinking of buying a quilt and now you're turning them out by yourself! :0) See you Friday! Bear Hugs! KRIS


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